The real secrets to win a brawl in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

You are far away from your PC but you want to play some PVP rounds with your friends? Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is here to the rescue! This is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Though it has multiple modes to play, in this article I represent you the Brawl Mode with a Gameplay which will be a great Tutorial for Beginners and MLBB brawl secrets and tips.

As you can see, the game gives rewards for daily Logins and for participating in different events – even during the trial mode, anyone has a chance to get new characters to practice or play with!

This play mode is the best if you can play it with your friends or gamers you work well together with. For the first time choosing this game mode, you will see a Guide to Brawl: the first information will be a short epilogue as a story. Click to the arrow on the right to continue.

The game will offer you two characters to choose from. You can discuss with your teammates which one to go on with. If you decide to choose a new character, you can reroll one of them freely.

After that, there will be one lane to go on. In this mode, you can only buy items at the start of the game, and every time after your character has died. As you can see it in the video, we tried to walk back to the base, but couldn’t enter it – so be careful what kind of items you get!

Do not forget that with dying, you will also lose a bit of your max HP range.

On the lane, besides killing the members of the enemy team, there are brawls and creeps that you have to kill with your comrades. Here are some tips on how to be the best gamer in Brawl mode:

Tip #1 – Choose your character wisely: Though you will get to choose from two characters randomly, always consider what class you will need to play with based on your team. If you are full of tanks or supports, you will not get enough fast damages to get through the enemy lines. If your team has no tank nor support, you will be at a great disadvantage because of the lack of shielding!

Tip #2 – Play together: It is always a fantastic feeling to solo-kill the whole enemy team – but this time it could be a drawback. Stay together as a pack and practice teamwork – this way you will have higher chances to hunt down the enemy team members.

Tip #3 – Hide and Slay: The bushes next to the road are great places to assemble as a team and wait for an enemy champion to arrive. With this, one of you can play as a bait to lure them to your bush. Be careful though:  if the others are far away and you stay there alone or just the two of you, the other team can also ambush you as well!

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