3 Beginner tips to win in Call of Duty: Warzone

While we’ve heard rumors before the release of Call of Duty’s independent battle royale mode, the sudden success surprised everyone. The free-to-play Warzone currently dominates the Battle Royale world, with more than 30 million already involved in the fight.

The battle royale mode of CoD: Black Ops 4 became depopulated very early, but let’s not forget that we could only play it for $60 and none of its mechanics were as good, as polished as in Warzone. We’ve now put together 3 beginner tips to win in COD Warzone to keep in mind if you’re just jumping out of a Warzone plane.

Tip #1 – Use your parachute wisely: At first, it’s very weird to jump out of the plane in this game. We can’t glide forward as in PUBG, for example, as we lose our height much faster in Warzone. If we open our parachute soon, we can reach more distant points on the field, but this is not the fastest way to occupy a good area. You should open your parachute immediately after the jump, return to free-fall after a few seconds, and switch back to the parachute after 150-200 meters.

By repeating this method, we can go much faster, much farther than we normally would. Furthermore, it is not the last aspect that we can already have our pistol in our hands in the air, we can even spray the lead over the heads of our opponents.

Tip #2 – Smart economics: As in all Battle Royale games, loot boxes contain the best equipment. Luckily, there are plenty of boxes, we can quickly gather the loot with which we can already boldly get into fights. In addition, we also raise money during the game, which we tend to forget, even though they can provide many benefits.

There are many shopping stations on the track, and it is almost always worth running forth. We can take a drop for ourselves first, but there are a number of other items waiting for us. Self-Revive packs with which we can use on ourselves, killstreak rewards, and we can even bring our dead comrades back into the match. Especially towards the end of the match, it’s worth keeping our money in mind, as a UAV, Precision Airstrike or even just a few extra armor plates purchased in the endgame can decide the fights.

Tip #3 – Maximize loadout: Loadouts compiled are currently the strongest things in CoD: Warzone. As long as there are Loadouts in the game, our first goal should always be to get it. Although there are random drops, they are too dangerous in most cases, we prefer to call our own drop at the buying stations for $ 6,000.

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