Battle Royale Classic Tutorial in Call of Duty: Mobile

Battle Royale is a classic mode in the popular first-person genre game franchise, Call of Duty. It plays a significant role in the game’s mobile version, Call of Duty: Mobile and allows gamers to fight each other in teams. Watch the first steps and the first mission completed in our video.

The Battle Royale game mode was one of the most popular among Call of Duty modes, therefore its debut in Call of Duty: Mobile was praised by mobile gamers. It is a multiplayer option to play the game and offers 3 alternatives: 1-player, 2-players, and 4-players modes. The missions are played on the map named Isolated, featuring a few well-known locations from the mobile version’s original predecessors: Black Ops and Modern Warfare.

The CODMobile Battle Royale and in our tutorial immediately lets you know the one and only goal of the Multiplay match: be the last man (or team) standing. If your enemy dies first, you win. The tutoring process introduces the shooter game in three steps:

  • Basic: The goal of the game, aka be the last man or woman standing.
  • Controls: If you have played any FPS genre game using a keyboard, this will be a bit tricky to learn. There are no real buttons to feel, and part of the screen will be always covered by your fingers. However, after a few missions, as muscle memory kicks in, there won’t be any obstacles anymore.
  • Revive: If you fight as a member of a team, there might be times that one of your teammates go down. The good news is that a fallen team member can be revived using their dog tag hovering above their body. Be careful though: the process takes time and the enemy can easily take advantage of your vulnerable situation and kill you in action too.

The fight can be viewed using two camera angles: the classic first-person point of view and a third-person one, which feels like a drone is following your soldier with a camera. The first gives you a more realistic view, however, the latter offers a wider camera angle and with it easier-to-spot enemies.

After you select your class, you can start fighting alongside your brave team of heroes. In our video, we turned the zombie mode on to shake up things even more and used a motorcycle to travel between mission-critical points on the map. The zombie mode introduces extra enemies on the radar, so we had to be extra careful to be successful.

Follow our footsteps on our first mission in CODMobile and Battle Royale tutorial by checking out our video on the RainCe Barkingfield social media channels (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram).

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