How to plunder in Call of Duty: Warzone

‘Your contract accepting skills are remarkable.’ – shared the good news our Aussie-accented military tutor. The plundering (aka looting) tutorial was one of the most fun parts of our plunder training Warzone. After our shiny, new contract was accepted, we went in with all we got and shot down the target person. Let’s see how it went and what to look out for.


Plunder Training

Training Reward
All Together Now Calling Card

In this tutorial video, we show you how to get through (and survive) the plunder training Warzone. During this practice, you will learn how to use the buy stations and how to spend your money.

If there is money, there is everything

Winning the game won’t only require weapons and ammunition. If you have enough money, at one point on the mission location, you can acquire equipment, armor, or “kill streak”, which can give you huge benefits. The most popular option is to revive a fallen teammate for $ 4,500. You can come back even from completely hopeless situations in case you have enough money in your pocket, and so, even after death part of it remains with us, your last team member who makes it out from prison before the end of a match may make a purchase – just to bring back both his companions to life!

Money can be obtained from loot or contracts (orders). The latter might be a more interesting and reliable way, not to mention that many challenges and bonus XP can be obtained during fulfilling your contracts. Also, don’t forget that when you get out of jail, the money will be partially retained, creating a great opportunity to rise again.


There are multiple contract types:

  • Bounty: A nearby player is selected by the game, showing its approximate position. The task is to bring the target down.
  • Recon: A point will be designated nearby on the map, which at least one member of your team must reach and stay within a few meters until the signal strip is full.
  • Scavenger: You have to find three chests that the game passes in a row.

This practice focused on the Bounty contract, so we had to kill that poor enemy. He tried his best but has fallen to our bullets. We flew to the next mission point and called a cash drop. Got the money, and used it at the buy station. We bought a cash balloon, which helps soldiers to retain more money even in case of death. Observe how careful we positioned our hero and converged always to walls and other covers. The enemy never really had a chance! We hit a million dollars, which was automatically deposited – also an important takeaway from this tutorial.

To see how it went, check out our video on the RainCe Barkingfield social media channels (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram).

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