2 Survival Tips for Battle Royale in Call of Duty: Warzone

The free-to-play Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty is extremely popular. The well-known game mode is sparked with plenty of innovations, a thorough knowledge of which is essential for success. We have gathered the most important information to accompany our survival tips for Battle Royale Warzone training tutorial video.


Battle Royale Practice

Training Reward
Stiff Arm (Marksman Rifle)

The fictional country of Kastovia awaits all players to practice before going live to risk life and limb. Кастовия (still Kastovia) is imagined somewhere around the real Georgia, in case you want to look it up on the map.

Our location is in Verdansk, part of Kastovia, and the missions started up in the clouds, on a military transport plane. As the back door of the plane opened, we jumped out, parachuted down to the ground and the fight began.

What is Battle Royale

The classic mode, in which a maximum of 150 players fights each other in teams of 3. Everyone gets a gun to start with, but the track is full of increased firepower and items supporting your survival: weapons, explosives, tactical equipment, vehicles, money, and more. At the start, you jump from a plane at the chosen moment, watch out for a good spot, land and try to arm yourselves as soon as possible. However, the mission location is surrounded by a cloud of toxic gas that kills anyone in seconds and this cloud constantly narrows itself. The goal is to survive all the other teams.

Survival Tip #1 – Kill enemies before game launch

Approximately a minute before the matches, you are brought into a narrow section of the field to warm up with the other players in a bloodbath without risk, but with a random weapon. Let’s try to end up with as many opponents as possible, as the XP you get here improves your weapons. If you are skillful, it can be a very productive minute and you can level up quickly using this technique.

Survival Tip #2 – How does the Gulag work?

In Battle Royale mode, when you die for the first time in a match, you get a chance to return. In a prison, you have to defeat one of your opponents in a 1v1 fight. To do this, you get a random firearm (pistol, shotgun in general) or a tactical device (flashing grenade) and a lethal device that is a grenade or molotov cocktail. If you don’t get to the vineyard soon in the duel, then capturing the flag in the middle of the battlefield means also victory! The winner’s reward is that he can return to the battlefield, and the others can only hope that their comrades will buy him back at one of the “buy stations”.

In this practice, the Warzone victory was achieved by shooting down all the opposing allies. To see how it went, click on our video on the RainCe Barkingfield social media channels (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram).

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