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Hey guys,

RainCe here of team RainCe Barkingfield. We are a group of diehard gamers, who play the best and newest video games out there. Our goal is to help beginners and intermediate-level players to level up their skills.

A trendy MOBA on Android? We play it.

The best new FPS? We play it.

Popular Games got a new game mode? We cover it.

For us, games are a great way of accessing to other worlds. Genres from fantasy to sci-fi, strategy to first-person shooters. Our passion is to live through all the wonderful stories, video games offer and to help others to feel the greatest experience.

What can you expect from us on our content sites?

  • Tutorial videos
  • Game mode reviews
  • Tips and tricks to level up your skills
  • Beginner’s guides
  • Info on how to be a better team player
  • Game reviews and our most intense multiplayer experiences

Our Purpose:

Entertaining, Informative, Storytelling, Interesting to Read, Gameplay Tutorial, Video Game Live Streaming, Fun and Relax Gaming.

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