Intense Deathmatch Game and tips to win in Call of Duty: Mobile

We have brought you an intense, 5 versus 5 Deathmatch gameplay tips to win in Call of Duty: Mobile. During the 8 minute-long fight our team slowly worked towards winning. Watch our video to learn more about how to work in teams and how to succeed in a hostile deathmatch environment.

In Call of Duty: Mobile deathmatch is a game of two opposing teams, each with five members. Our fight took 8 minutes, during which our team collected more scores by shooting down the enemy soldiers. Let’s see a few key takeaways that can be learned from our video about teamplay:

  • Positioning: We all have seen movies in which cops position themselves differently while knocking down a door to arrest a suspect. One person is kicking the door in (in real-life they use tools for that), while at least one other colleague provides support for extended vision and firepower.

In Call of Duty: Mobile teamplay works the same way. The best teams are always covering for their members and keep in mind that every soldier has a limited view of the battlefield. Always watch your back, as they say, and this is something you can apply in almost any first-person shooter. In our video, you will immediately recognize this as the team members try to cover the complete line of sight.

  • Getting behind the enemy: Around 01:45 there is a short episode of our gameplay video, that shows a non-complex, however very successful tactic. Most of the team arrives to a doorway and gets caught in the enemy fire. Two enemy soldiers kept the team under fire and were killing a member of the team. It was possible due to them being partially in cover and our team being in the open – without a cover to protect us. The trick from our side was that as we kept our enemy occupied this way, one of us got behind the enemy – actually from the left – and shot them while standing behind their covers, facing the rest of the team. This kind of trap will get your team in high ranks, however, it requires the solo team member to have valuable aiming skills.
  • Staying together: We understand that, as a rookie, every player wants to show their skills and collect solo achievements, however, as deathmatch is fight between teams, you need to act and think as a group. If you wander far away from your team, you won’t be able to support and cover the others, while they also won’t be able to help you, when you are attacked. And believe us, you will be. To avoid unnecessary frustration, and to be far more effective, the simplest solution is to stay together.
  • Using grenade to explore instead of your health: It is also a tactic from movies that helps in Call of Duty: Mobile. If you see a suspicious hallway or a doorway that triggers your spidey-sense, drop a grenade in to make sure, you won’t be surprised.

To watch how we won this intense deathmatch game within 8 minutes, check out our video on the RainCe Barkingfield social media channels (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram).

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