Beginner’s Guide to Magic Chess in Mobile Legends

Magic Chess has a continuously growing community among Mobile Legends Bang Bang fans. The Auto-Battler game is playable in the MLBB app since this year and in our next tutorial, we are going to give you a few tips and tricks on how to start playing.

Magic Chess is a special mode of the globally famous mobile game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In this strategy mode Magic Chess MLBB guide, players face 7 other contestants on a battlefield that shows similarities with a chess field. The game is played in several rounds, so no real-time gameplay like in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Instead of controlling a single character, unlike in MLBB, you will need to equip, level up, boost, and fight using several ones. The enemies are coming at you on a one-on-one basis and the last one standing wins the game.

5 tips on how to win the Magic Chess game

Tip #1 – Watch out where you place your units: One of the key strategic factors of the game is where you place your units on the battlefield. Assassin class characters, like Karina, Ling, or Hayabusa, can jump over great distances, enabling them to get to the back of the enemy. If you do not watch your six, this might happen to you! The easiest way to avoid it is through placing tanks in the back or very close to low health characters.

Tip #2 – Range: Every class and within it, every hero has a different zone in which they can apply damage – this is called their range. Always keep in mind that the melee damage-based characters are best positioned in close range of the enemy, while you want to keep your marksmen out of the way of the enemy tank or fighter.

Tip #3 – Factions: Watch out as Magic Chess offers a lot more factions than the standard Mobile Legends game. Here you can play Assassin, Elementalist, Guardian, Mage, Marksman, Summoner, Support, Targetman, Weapon Master, and Wrestler.

Synergies: Using a certain combination of heroes is called synergy. There is 10 type of synergies to be found in Magic Chess that involve all 12 factions. The strongest synergy teams are the following: Dragon’s Altar, Weapon Master, and Western Desert. As heroes are well balanced, if equipped with the right weapons, all synergy teams can be very effective.

Tip #4 – Plan on winning conditions early: A key element of your gameplay should be to plan. You can look up your heroes’ values and which synergies you feel comfortable with – based on these you can plan your winning strategy before investing in the wrong heroes or items.

Tip #5 – Play to get the best Fate Box: To achieve a balanced game setting, Magic Chess boosts the commander (and player) with the lowest remaining health after the battle is over. If you lose and become the first to fall, you are guaranteed to have better loot items and heroes from the Fate Box.

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